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Get Birthday stuff for free!

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

by Mike Schiano

Founder and Publisher

girl with free birthday gift

We’ve been posting about birthday stuff for free since 1997 and every day we add more new birthday freebies.

The question we get all the time is can you really get birthday stuff for free. The answer is a resounding yes. Just about every retailer offers some form of a birthday freebie. Why do they do this? It’s really very simple business logic. Store owners celebrate Birthdays because it is a great way to reward current customers and a good way to entice new customers.

Who doesn’t like a free gift, especially on their Birthday; the most special day of the year for most people.

How do you go about getting free birthday stuff? Step one is to visit which you have done so, congratulations on taking the most important step. Now that you are here, you can shop around and find Birthday offers from stores, restaurants, and other retailers that you like. We provide links directly to the retailer web site where you can access the Birthday special.

Sometimes you are required by the retailer to sign up for their Birthday Club or email list. Some people aren’t keen on signing up online, but, that is the way it is done. If you want free birthday stuff, you will need to enroll in the retailer’s program. Many people use a special email just for this purpose so that all of their Birthday freebies go to one email.

Here is another incentive to sign up with your favorite retailer birthday clubs. Most of them give you a special gift just for signing up. For example, Backyard Burgers will give you a Free Burger when you sign up for its e-club. That is a $6 dollar savings right off the bat for spending less than a minute to sign up. Also, many retailers will then send you special freebies and other discount and savings offers throughout the year. There really is not downside to doing this.

I wrote in my book, Spend Your Way to Wealth, that it is easy to pay for the cost of your computer, internet connection and printer with all of the free offers, savings and discounts you can get using the to find and sign up for special Birthday stuff on your birthday because you will save money at that store all year long.

No matter if you like birthday jewelry, perfume, free birthday makeup, free birthday food, and on and on, you will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by using our Web site to sign up for these amazing offers.

How do we find all of these offers? This is another great question and one we get all of the time. Well, that is why we started this business years ago, to provide people just like you a totally free Birthday experience. You know, we work constantly to find more offers. We have over one thousand free birthday offers on our site today and we are constantly on the search for more.

Retailers, restaurant owners and other merchants call us now because they know us and trust us to bring their offers to deserving people like you. It feels good to read emails from our subscribers who tell us how many free birthday offers they receive each year. We consider them really good friends and part of the Free extended family. So, we work extra hard to satisfy our members and help them celebrate their birthdays in style for free and at big discounts.

At the same time, we also want to help merchants connect with people like you who may be interested in free birthday stuff and then an ongoing relationship, if the merchant takes really good care of you, especially on your Birthday. We tell them that this is their chance to shine. They must make a great impression on you and your family and friends. If they do, they know and we know that you will likely be back to shop again on another day.

Keep in mind that when you sign up for a merchant offer, just like with email from, you will need to verify that your email address is accurate. This is called double opt-in because it requires you to sign up, then verify that you truly want to receive email from the merchant. And, who does not want to receive hundreds of dollars each year from their favorite stores.

We’ve added free magazines, free gasoline, free gift cards, and so many other free birthday items over the years that it is hard to keep track. I also like to find more expensive birthday gifts that you can get if you actually go to a retailer’s location. While this is not as convenient as receiving your Birthday gift by email and birthday gifts by mail, it does give you a chance to receive more expensive gifts on your birthday. Our research shows that most people want to go out for their birthday anyway, so it is not an inconvenience to visit a merchant who is offering a free birthday gift of value when you visit.

I won’t lie, some restaurants think giving away a free piece of cake is enough. But, as we tell them all the time, the competition is fierce for Birthday customers and a piece of cake is not enough to make someone drive across town. A full gourmet meal and a piece of cake is different. Most people will travel to a restaurant, like The Keg on their Birthday to get a free meal and dessert.

The great news for consumers is that we can be choosy about which Free Birthday stuff we decide to sign up for. Start with your favorite stores. The ones you know you will be visiting regularly because you will receive ongoing savings and freebies beyond your birthday.

By the way, be sure to sign up for offers as soon as possible. The best time to sign up for free birthday gifts is at least two weeks before your actual birthday. If you wait and it gets too close to your birth day, some stores can’t process your enrollment fast enough and might miss this birthday. The good news is that many merchants will send your birthday gift early and give you thirty days or more to use it. Most merchants will let you have at least the entire month of your birthday to enjoy your free birthday gifts.

More power to us consumers! Especially on our Birthday.

Have a very Happy Free Birthday


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