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Everyone loves Gift Cards...including Thieves

Gift cards seem like the all-purpose present. Choose your amount. They’re small and easy to mail. An endless variety of retailers have them. Most everyone likes to get them. They have become so popular that the National Retail Federation says over half of Americans will purchase gift cards this holiday season. The average buyer plans to get three or four, putting an average of $47 on each. The result will be $27.5 billion in gift card sales.

Thieves like Gift Cards too! It's all over the news. Thieves are stealing gift cards sent through the mail.

"County Sheriff investigating mail theft"
The Sheriff's Department says it's believed the thieves are targeting mailboxes looking for Christmas cards with money or gift cards inside.

"Camera catches a man taking mail from multiple mailboxes"

"Quick! A gift card! But BBB says, watch out!"

Don't risk having your valuable Gift Cards ripped off by thieves and disappointing your friends and family members who get an empty envelope...or worse, no envelope at all.

You asked for it, FreeBirthday has delivered it. A convenient, safe and affordable way to purchase and send gift cards without worrying about them being stolen out of the mailbox.

Check out these Gift Card values for safe, year round gift giving exclusively for subscribers. you can even customize these gift cards to make them extra special and unique.

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