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Q: Can you really get Free Birthday Gifts?

A: Absolutely.  Smart merchants know that if they help you celebrate your Birthday, you will come back to visit again. 

Q: Does it cost me anything to get Free Birthday gifts?

A: Never. presents free offers. You merely have to visit the links to the merchants and sign up for their eclub. In many cases, you will receive a free gift just for signing up, then another on your Birthday.

Q:   Do I have to register with to receive free birthday offers?
A:   It is not required but if you sign up on our site, you will receive special Birthday offers exclusive to our members!  In order to view the Free Birthday Treats available in your area we simply need your name, email and Birthday month! Sign up and get Your Free Gifts HERE

Q: How do I get my Free Birthday gifts?

A: Most merchants require that you register for their e-club or loyalty program.
If registration is required, click on the hyperlink that we make available to you. This will open a new browser window to the company’s website so you can register directly with them. If a hyperlink is not available, copy the business name and conduct a search through Google or another search engine.

Q:   Why register directly with the company?
A:   The majority of companies that offer Free Birthday Gifts will also e-mail additional cost saving offers to you throughout the year.

Q:   Should I set up a separate e-mail address when I register for birthday clubs, e-clubs, rewards and/or VIP programs?
A:   It is not required but, as stated above, many companies will e-mail additional offers throughout the year. Your primary e-mail inbox could get overwhelmed with all the free birthday offers. Setting up a separate e-mail address can help you keep these offers organized and keep your primary e-mail uncluttered. For example you could set up an e-mail like this:

Q:   My birthday is only a few days away. Am I still eligible for some Free Birthday Gifts on my birthday?
A:   Absolutely! Do it now though because it can take any where from 2-4 days for some offers to come through your e-mail.

Even if your birthday has already passed by for the year, you might take a moment to see what is available and register now. Most of the companies offer a discount or freebie when you join their e-club.

Q:   How do I submit a Free Birthday Treat or birthday discount?
A:   We love adding new Free Birthday Treats and/or birthday discounts to our growing database. To submit a Free Birthday Gift send us an e-mail to

Q:   I have a teenager. Do they qualify for kid or adult treats?
A:   The majority of kid's birthday clubs tend to end between the ages of 11-13. They will then most likely qualify for the Adult FREE Birthday Gifts from that company. Please be sure to check with the company for verification. Check out our special list of Freebies and Discounts for Students and Children.

Q: Does include affiliate links?

A: Yes. Our site contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on some of my links. It is how we afford to provide this free service to you!

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