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The 10 Ten Best ways to spend your Birthday

Often, people get caught up with friends and family who want to help them celebrate their birthday and end up doing what other people want to do rather than celebrating one of the most important days of the year the way they want. Been there …done that. When it comes to Birthday celebrations, if you want to create a memorable experience, a day you’ll remember for years to come, maybe forever, think about doing things you would not normally do for yourself. You’re not being selfish. You deserve at least one day a year where the day is all about you. Start with 

Here are some other popular ideas.

1. Spend a day at the spa and add a massage
2. Eat an expensive dinner out  
3. Buy an expensive, high quality bottle of wine or Liquor you wouldn’t buy yourself.

4. Enjoy a hot bubble bath by candlelight
5. Spend a day at the beach
6. Make it a a day of shopping – if you can afford it. Buy one really nice gift for yourself. It’s better to buy one quality item that you really like than a bunch of less expensive things. Think quality over quantity. This goes for gifts as well. A Prada purse anyone?
7. Spend the day and night at a fancy hotel in your city and have room service.
8. Buy tickets to a concert or sporting event that for an artist or team you really like.
9. Buy a discounted plane ticket and go to a big city you’ve always wanted to visit.
10. Make it a day at the gym then treat yourself to a healthy dinner and a movie at home.

​​​​​​​Do something you’ve never done before or do something you really, really love because this is your special day and you deserve to spoil yourself.

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Looking for some ideas on how to celebrate like never before?
Here are 9 ways you can celebrate your Birthday and 10 Special Gift Ideas Just for YOU!
Happy Free Birthday... 

10 different ways to celebrate your Birthday

1. Fly Somewhere Far Far Away  

2. Plan a Day Party in a Park

3. Go to the Beach

4. Take a dream trip to New York City

5. Go on a Camping Trip

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6. Visit Family Who Live In A Different State  

7. Plan a Day Adventure To Explore a Nearby City With Your Best Friends

8. Go to a Music Festival

9. Go to a Museum/Aquarium/Zoo/Theme Park/Sporting Event

10. Plan a special Free Dinner

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2. Spoil yourself with An authentic Swiss made luxury watch

3.  Classic Collectible  
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5. A Gift of the Month Club membership  
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6. Your Local Entertainment Coupon Savings Book  
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7. Get Super Healthy with Life Extension  

8. Personalize a Special Gift for yourself  
Be creative and make a gift that is personal and special

9. Sleep on the most comfortable mattress, Nectar, for a year and see if you like it.  Send it back if it's not the most comfortable mattress you've ever had.

10. Professional Sports and Music Memorabilia is the perfect gift for the Music and Sports lovers in your life!

Enjoy your Free Birthday.
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