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by Mike Schiano
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It’s time to celebrate all those “wonderfully made” loved ones with birthdays this month. At, it is our hope to provide you with everything you need to lift up your family and friends with special gifts including hope-filled messages of God’s love. From your family to your best friend or the new friend you just made at work, we’ve got plenty of ways for you to celebrate their special day!

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This is the place to find Birthday Gifts and gift ideas for everyone on your List – For your convenience, we’ve created categories to help you navigate to just the right gift for your loved one. Check it out:

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Birthday Ecards   – Send a meaningful message in a matter of seconds with free, shareable Ecards. With so many to choose from, you’re sure to find just the right message for your loved one on their special day.

Whether you plan to attend the birthday celebration or not, sending them your best with a gift, a hand-written card or an Ecard will bring a smile to their face just knowing you thought of them!

Here are a few ideas for commemorating special birthdays. Keep in mind that these can be used to celebrate any milestone (or any year in between!):

30: Create a 30-Year Journal – Choose a lined journal that’s just right for the birthday boy or girl. Then starting with their birth year, list each year of their lives, leaving a few blank pages in between. Encourage them to keep the journal close, and record any memories they recall (or stories they’ve heard!) from specific years they’ve lived. It’s a wonderful way to help someone see how their journey has unfolded, and how God has worked through the circumstances of their lives. Add a special inscription to remind them of His faithfulness:

40: Commemorate four decades! Find photos, music and memories from their childhood, teens, 20s and 30s. Play a little trivia about current events from those years OR make your own trivia questions based on the birthday boy or girl’s life. See which guests can answer the most! Set out a jar for adding memories – encourage friends and family to write about the ways they’ve been impacted by this special person’s. Need a conversation starter? Create a conversation starter jar filled with 60 questions for guests to draw, read, answer and express their thoughts and dreams with friends.

50: Put together a “50” album! This could be 50 blessings, 50 favorite verses, or 50 things we love about you! Start a few months early. Ask family and friends to contribute via email or snail mail. It’s a keepsake that’ll remind them how much they’re loved, and bless them for years to come.

60: Host a gathering of different people from different stages of his/her life – childhood friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. Social media can help you reach out to loved ones from the past. Whether it’s a big surprise party or a simple open house, they’ll be delighted to reconnect and see the impact they’ve made on others through the years. It’s a great way to remind them of all the ways they shine!

The History of Giving Birthday Presents to Kids

Most parents in western countries celebrate their children’s birthdays by giving gifts, however, birthdays weren’t always celebrated in this way. The tradition of giving gifts to celebrate birthdays, how it started, and how it differs in other nations is very interesting.

Who Started the Tradition of Giving Gifts?

It has been speculated that the act of giving gifts goes as far back as the time of cavemen, perhaps even right to the origin of our species. Of course, gifts at that time weren’t the kind of goods we’d like to receive nowadays! Cave people typically would have given items from nature, such as animal teeth, perhaps with a hole in it to be worn as a necklace.

In ancient Greek times, gifts were given to those celebrating their birthday as a way to get rid of evil spirits. They also used noisemakers to help scare away the bad spirits – perhaps this is where the use of party poppers to celebrate birthdays came from. In Roman times, gifts were only given to men on their birthday. Women started celebrating their birthday sometime around the 12th century.

Adding candles to a birthday cake is something else we can thank the ancient Greeks for – they started this tradition as a way to honor their gods and goddesses, however, birthday cake as we know it today was developed by Germans towards the end of the 18th century. This was the same time when ‘Kinderfeste’ first started taking place – the 18th century equivalent of a child’s birthday party.

Over the years, the types of gifts given has changed. Coins, livestock, and other things of value that were both practical and honored the person receiving the gift were the norm in ages past.

Nowadays, gifts can be just about anything. For adults, it’s common to receive a household gift such as a candle, flowers or a favorite food item. Teenagers can be difficult to buy for – gifts can range from anything from gadgets and tech - to make up or clothes. Great birthday gifts for boys and girls can be small but powerful these days thanks to technology. Most commonly given gifts for children are toys and games, although clothes, chocolate, candies and things for their room are also popular.

Which Countries don’t Celebrate Birthdays?

Not all cultures celebrate their birthdays the same way. Some people, because of religious beliefs, do not celebrate birthdays. Some cultures do celebrate, but with different traditions. In Russia for example, you might be given a personalized pie instead of a cake. Some cultures don’t recognize official birthdays, with many people worldwide not knowing which date or even which year they were born in.

The Future of Birthday Celebrations

Birthday customs and traditions are always changing and adapting, with many popular American customs spreading to other countries. For example, many British parents now choose to do a ‘cake smash’ with their child for their first birthday, a trend which was virtually unheard of just a couple of years ago. One thing’s for sure – birthday celebrations are set to get bigger and better as time goes on.

Have a very Happy Free Birthday!

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