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Whether you offer a Birthday Freebie or Discount or not, you should advertise your business on

Why? It is one of the few opportunities for you to reach a highly responsive, LOCAL and Loyal  audience with a very focused media channel.

Restauranteurs...the average Birthday celebrant takes 2 other people with them to dinner - so the return on investment is excellent even when you give away one entree. Plus, Birthday celebrants are more likely to purchase alcoholic beverages and appetizers. The average Birthday celebration dinner check should be much higher than a normal check.

Every month, nearly 20,000 of your potential customers visit our site. 60% of them visit on a Smart Phone so they are looking for a place to shop or eat Right NOW! They either see you or your competitors. I hope they see YOUR business. 

To top it off, we are an extremely inexpensive Marketing and Advertising option. You can reach customers in your local market without having to give away large percentages of your profits to a third party, your customers won't have to make online purchases to get a certificate. We send customers to you directly with just a few clicks on their PC or Smart phone.  Customers are looking for places to eat, drink and shop on their Smart Phones. They want immediate results and that is what delivers for consumers and your business!

Advertising on is as EASY as 1 -2-3

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$99 per month.

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The Why, What and How of Offering Free Birthday Gifts, Treats and Stuff 

It's a very inexpensive way to bring in new customers and grow your customer list. Introducing your store to new customers is step one toward building a loyal and repeat business. Give them a memorable Birthday and they will be sure to spread the word to their family and friends driving even more new customers to your doorstep at minimal cost.

Generally the birthday person celebrates with a larger group that spends more. Entice that birthday person to your establishment by offering a freebie or discount that is of value to the consumer. FYI, Everyone offers just a piece of cake. Offer Real Value!

Feedback from our visitors has shown that they are looking for more than just an email that says "Happy Birthday!" While this is a nice gesture, it doesn't compel them to take action. 

Which businesses benefit from
Just about any Customer-centric business can drive more business by advertising on Here a some examples:
Adventure Tours
Auto Dealerships
Bath & Beauty Stores
Book Stores
Bowling Alleys
Car Washes
Climbing Gyms
Clothing Stores
Coffee/Tea Houses
Comedy Clubs
Comic Book Stores
Cruise Lines
Dry Cleaners
Educational Stores
Fun & Thrill Parks
Gelato/Ice Cream Stores
Golf Courses
Golf Stores
Ice Skating Rinks
Movie/Video Game Rental Stores
Night Clubs
Pet Boutiques
Pet Stores
Plant Nurseries
Roller Skating Rinks
Scrapbooking Stores
Tanning Salons
Theme Parks
Toy Stores
Train Tours
Video Game Venues
Water Parks
Wine Stores

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Reach 20,000 potential Customers each month on

About 814,000 people are celebrating a birthday on any given day of the year in the United States.

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