10 Unusual ways to celebrate your Birthday

Your birthday is a very special event but most people do boring things if they celebrate at all.  Are you kidding? This is not a day to go with the same old thing...this is a year to really celebrate your special Birthday. Tired of the same old birthday celebration? Get inspired with some unusual, exciting ways to celebrate​. Here are 10 that our subscribers chose.

1. Fly Somewhere Far Far Away  

2. Plan a Day Party in a Park

3. Go to the Beach

4. Take a dream trip to New York City

5. Go on a Camping Trip

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6. Enjoy a special Birthday Bottle of Wine.

7. Plan a Day Adventure To Explore a Nearby City With Your Best Friends

8. Go to a Music Festival

9. Go to a Museum/Aquarium/Zoo/Theme Park/Sporting Event

10. Plan a special Free Night out

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