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It’s Your Birthday…Everything should be Free!

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The Best Birthday Freebies

Local and National birthday freebies, free samples, and free stuff. 

& More than 1,000 Free Birthday deals available every day

​​Get Freebies on your Birthday from LOCAL Birthday-Friendly Merchants Near YOU!

Free stuff on your Birthday is easy...sign up...get birthday freebies

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Can you really get Free Gifts on Your Birthday

​ By Tony Ricciuto, Niagara Falls Review It's your birthday and there are plenty of businesses out there who want to help you celebrate...

Free Birthday Gifts Online

You can get free birthday gifts online each and every year. We have put together the most comprehensive listing of Free Birthday Gifts in...

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Since we started in 1997 we've been featured by many top media channels: 

​​ has been helping people across America plan and celebrate Birthdays since 1997.  We make the most special day of each year even better by helping our visitors celebrate their birthdays for little or no cost thanks to some amazing Merchants who understand that Birthdays are very special and helping you celebrate is one of the smartest ways to build customer loyalty!

I'm Mike Schiano, Founder and Publisher of and I'm very excited and happy to welcome you. It is my pleasure to work to ensure only the best, highest quality Free Birthday  gifts are featured on our web site.

This is the site where you can find free birthday gifts online.

Yes, you can receive free birthday gifts from local and national merchants when it's your birthday - birthday planning has never been easier at

I am always at your service to make your experience better. 

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Check out amazing offers on your Birthday and for special celebrations for friends and family members.

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