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We are now hiring Account Executives Nationwide. 

Do you enjoy working with Business Owners helping them grow their Customer lists and sales? 

FreeBirthday is seeking highly motivated, sales background individuals to launch and run their own businesses within their local community. 

Account Executive
Needed Requirements:

  • Self-motivated, driven and committed to developing new business
  • Strong communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Previous sales experience and success
  • Solid organizational and leadership skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Comfortable working on a commission earnings model with monthly residual income.

This is a chance for you to own, run and grow your own business starting as an Account Executive. Our Account Executives receive full support and training. 

Our business model requires no need for knowledge within the publishing industry but would require strong sales, communication and organization background.

With our sales platform you would build residual revenue streams each month as well as cultivate and manage future sales individuals who would help increase your revenue streams.

Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Calling and marketing advertising opportunities to local businesses
  • Working with FreeBirthday editors/designers to support publication
  • Providing support for future sales representatives
  • Enter agreements
  • Conduct networking events supporting businesses and community


  • The ability to work your own schedule
  •  The opportunity to build your own business
  • The creation for exceptional income
  • The opportunity to join communities together and make a difference
  • Advertising trade benefits between you and your clients

Send an email stating your interest and updated Resume to:

Business Owners and Marketers 

We are Growing Local with a total focus on growing your business locally by driving customers to you!

About 17.7 million people are celebrating a birthday on any given day of the year. The United States alone has about 814,000 birthdays each day.​  Whether you offer a Birthday Freebie or Discount or not, you should advertise your business on our site. Why? It is one of the few opportunities for you to reach a highly responsive, LOCAL and Loyal  audience with a very focused media channel.  Resturanteurs...the average Birthday celebrant takes at least 2 others with them to dinner so the return on investment is excellent even when you give away an entree. Plus, they are more likely to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Every month, nearly 20,000 of your potential customers visit our site. 60% of them visit on a Smart Phone so they are looking for a place to shop or eat Right NOW! They either see you or your competitors. I hope they see YOUR business. 

Since we started in 1997 we've been featured by many top media channels: 

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​​ has been helping people across America plan and celebrate Birthdays since 1997.  We make the most special day of each year even better by helping our visitors celebrate their birthdays for little or no cost thanks to some amazing Merchants who understand that Birthdays are very special and helping you celebrate is one of the smartest ways to build customer loyalty!

I'm Mike Schiano, Founder and Publisher of and I'm very excited and happy to welcome you. It is my pleasure to work to ensure only the best, highest quality gifts are featured on our web site.

Mike Schiano

I am always at your service to make your experience better. Just drop me a note at 

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Team meetings are a little different here at!

Free Gifts on Your Birthday
By Tony Ricciuto, Niagara Falls Review

It's your birthday and there are plenty of businesses out there who want to help you celebrate with a free gift.

It might be something small like a coupon or a coffee, or it can be something considerably more expensive like a meal.

Some places will want you to show proof, so be honest.

There are times when restaurants change their free birthday promotions or individual restaurants decide not to participate so be sure to call before heading out to celebrate.

For a business, it's an excellent opportunity to get one more customer walking through the door, along with many of their friends who are taking part in that birthday celebration, said Mike Schiano. He has a website called and is also a known author, broadcaster and founder of Green Rain Media, which is in Florida.

"What we found is that the average person, when they go out for their birthday, they don't go alone. They generally bring three people with them, so for a business it's actually a good idea because you might be giving away one free meal, but you get two, three or more paying customers with that person," said Schiano.

He said he has done a considerable amount of research on this topic since 1997.

Initially, he added, some businesses would give things away to customers on their birthdays, but they didn't want that to get around to a lot of people for fear of losing money.

When people sign on to, they begin receiving gifts from some of America's top retailers and restaurants. They promise you will easily receive more than $100 in free birthday gifts.

Some companies are even taking the free birthday gift one step further. It's a way to encourage people to visit their establishments on those days when business is slow.

"If Tuesday is a slow day for them, they might say you get a free meal during the month of your birthday, but it's on a certain day. It's a way to help them on their slow days, nights or weekends or whenever that happens to be," said Schiano.

For many of the larger chains, the free gifts apply across the board, but for many of the smaller operations he recommends it's a good idea to simply call ahead and ask if they offer anything free on someone's birthday.

Some of the better known free birthday gifts include a free beverage at Starbucks, a free burger at Ruby Tuesday, a free hamburger with the purchase of any entree and drink at Johnny Rockets, 10 free wings at Hooters, a free grandslam breakfast at Denny's, a free 2.5-ounce scoop of ice cream or a swirl of soft serve at Dairy Queen, and a Rooty Tooty fresh 'N' Fruity pancake stack at IHOP.

Some people join birthday clubs. They get special offers from merchants all year long, not just on their birthday.

Schiano said people have many choices when they decide to go out and celebrate a birthday, so often it takes more than a free piece of cake or beverage to attract a potential customer.

"You are competing for that business. It's better for you to give a meal because that will be more attractive. Our goal has always been to give consumers options," he said. "We think you should be able to get up on your birthday without spending money."

Some businesses, he added, will offer a free meal just for signing up on their website because they view it as a way of gaining a loyal customer.

"Over the months you will receive coupons or special promotions, along with a freebie on your birthday. In most places, we find that if you mention it happens to be someone's birthday they will offer you something."

Some people might be embarrassed to mention it's their birthday, so in that case someone else at the table should mention it to a staff member when the person who is celebrating the birthday has gone to the washroom or has stepped away from the table.

"It's one thing to give something away for free, but you shouldn't have a lot of rules or make it hard for people to get it because you want to make it fun and exciting for that person. You don't have to go and sing at the table, but you want to make it a special event," said Schiano. "If someone has chosen your restaurant for dinner, that's a big deal and we always suggest that the manager goes over to say hi and congratulates the person to make sure they enjoy the visit."

At Value Village, customers can sign up for their super savers club card, which not only provides a discount for people on their birthday, they also receive advance notices by e-mail of upcoming sales throughout the year.

"It's totally free with no strings attached," said Tony Serra, manager of the Lundy's Lane store in Niagara Falls.

"For example, we might have a 50 per cent sale and club members will receive an e-mail about three days before the sale and they can come in the day before the sale and get that same discount."

They have close to 9,000 club members, and with that many club members taking advantage of the savings, the day before a sale can actually be busier than the day of the sale, said Serra.

"We offer 20 per cent off on their birthday. And with Halloween coming up just around the corner, they will be getting an e-mail with an offer that will have a percentage off some new merchandise. With a club card, it gives people more of a heads up so they don't have to wait until they see something posted in the store.



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