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Thank you for a great Birthday. We used many of the free gifts and have more to use this month!  - James, NC

Wow...I did not believe there were so many free birthday gifts out there. Thank you for putting them all in one place Mike. We love FreeBirthday. - Keely, WI

I had a free massage, dinner, lunch and received a gift box and I'm not done. Thank you again. - Marge, GA

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I spent my birthday in a hotel searching through facebook and youtube. Then I visited craigslist which, strangely, asked for my facebook login. Since I am an aquarius, I went to google to find an address on ebay for yahoo so I could open my yahoo mail or gmail so I could send an email via Hotmail. I received a text from mapquest that my favorite birthday video from amazon was on google maps. It showed Walmart and home dept on msn and pthc watching Netflix movies about, best buy and dogpile. I decided to go shopping at target for cars and did a quick google search for espn to find Wikipedia. It was hot so I put on fox news and they showed island and sears taking southwest airlines to peachtree accounting for a bing white pages search on the drudge report. Fish was on the weather channel using a Verizon wireless cell phone to call to get the number for hulu to watch the girls bikini.

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"Thank you FreeBirthday.

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                                             -Ian South, NM